We have spent our entire lives in or around the swimming pool.
 This is more than a business, it's our passion. 

Hello! We are Matt and Adrienne Cardwell and we are the founders of Sea Star Pools.  Here’s a little information about us and how Sea Star Pools came into existence.

Both of us spent our childhood in the pool but in different parts of the continent.  Matt was a competitive swimmer in Montreal, Canada while Adrienne competed in Southern California.  We met while continuing our swimming careers in Las Vegas at UNLV.  After our marriage in 1998 we made Las Vegas our home for the next six years.   When our daughter was born we moved to Florida to start a new chapter in our lives.


Matt’s degree in Business Management and Communications found him employed by major corporations managing multiple bar and food establishments before opening his own successful establishment, Sea Star Café in Bradenton.  Adrienne’s BS in Environmental Studies led her to a career in the marine mammal industry.  The research and rehabilitation of dolphins, turtles and other sea mammals, necessitated her mastery of water quality and pool habitat maintenance.

Our daughter is following our footsteps and has become a competitive swimmer herself.  Thus we found ourselves once more involved in US Swimming and always at the pool.  It was time for a change in our careers so we could participate in our daughter ‘s life.
In 2015 Matt had an offer to sell Sea Star Café.  After many family discussions and Adrienne’s 20 years in the work force, we looked into starting our own business.  Sea Star Pools was formed in 2016.  With our love for swimming, Adrienne’s background in pool maintenance and Matt’s success in running a business, we could not have found a better match for our family.

The Cardwell family wants to provide your family with a dedicated and honest pool care service. We want to give you an environment that provides a lifetime of family memories in your own backyard!
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